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While I was at the library I got my first order


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Hello everyone, I'm Sahrul.

I am a student who lives alone in a city far from my family. I want to make money for my needs as a student and I started joining Fiverr last December 2022. I made several gigs regarding graphic design services such as illustrations, line art for manuals, and others. As of April 2023 I have not received my first order I am very confused and a little desperate because my laptop is broken. Until finally I decided to go to the city library to use a public computer. There I could spend the whole day using the library's computers to learn more about Fiverr. I started joining freelancer Fiverr groups and communicating with many other sellers.

Until one day I got excited from the morning going to the city library and as usual saw the progress of my Fiverr account while looking for references for my graphic designs. In the afternoon I was tired, still no orders had come in and I decided to go home from the library. When I arrived at my boarding house, I saw an incoming message in the Fiverr application on my smartphone. It turned out to be a message from a buyer who needed an illustration for his online game store. I immediately replied with happiness, finally the moment I've been waiting for came too. I started drawing the illustration he wanted and showed it to him. He really liked the result and started digitizing my drawings in Adobe Illustrator. After sending the order I get 5 stars and good reviews from him.

I am so grateful to have had that moment and will never forget it. Thank you for reading my story, I will tell another day 🙂



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