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Gigs getting no clicks


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17 minutes ago, sjncoding said:


I'm wondering if anybody can help? I'm getting low clicks on my Fiverr, and no orders, but I can't work out what the issue is with my gigs so far. Does anybody have any ideas? It would be much appreciated


Hey there,

I checked out your gigs and found a few areas that could improve.

But first, let's frame our perspective a bit. There are over 25,000 other sellers in your subcategory. Let's imagine you're starting this business on a busy street with 25,000 storefronts, all offering the same thing in various degrees of quality and pricing. Suddenly, SJN Coding appears, claiming the 25,001st spot. You can already feel the Herculean effort it's going to take to stand out. That's pretty much Fiverr in a nutshell.

If you want to outperform them, you have to make your gigs appear more professional and attractive than your competition.

Look at your "I will create custom, bespoke JavaScript and HTML websites" gig. One immediate area for improvement is your thumbnail. To give you a point of reference, here are some examples of thumbnails/gig cards from the current top dogs in your category:


Take a look at these successful gigs and let them inspire you, but remember, the key is to be original, not to mimic.

Right now, your gig image is just a blue backdrop with a text-based logo. It's not exactly enticing me to click. When you design a website, I'm sure you consider factors like user behavior and how to use psychology to make the user act the way you want them to. Do the same here. 

You can also add a gig video. Video outperforms images and text, hands down. Fiverr data supports this, suggesting you can boost engagement by up to 40% with a compelling video. But remember that quality counts: invest in your video and hire a pro to create it. Top it off with a professional voice-over.

I noticed that your portfolio is currently empty. Buyers want a sneak peek at what you can deliver. So, fill your portfolio with your best work.

Your gig description is just a list of features and functions. People don't buy features, they buy the benefits they stand to gain. Instead of a laundry list of technical specs, focus on selling the advantages of your service. Put yourself in a potential client's shoes. If I asked what you could do for me and how it would benefit me, what would your response be?

I hope this helps!

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