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Unpopular opinions


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1.We should embrace our individuality and love ourselves no matter what.

2.Telling someone how pretty or handsome they are does not mean your are anything less than that 💯.

3.Going all out for someone you love should be normalized , in a boyfriend girlfriend scenario😂.

4.We should learn to communicate with people , and approach people in better ways😊😊


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Unpopular? These seem more like popular opinions. An unpopular opinion would be something like: 

  1. Put yourself before others, and help others only when it serves you in return. 
  2. Not everyone can be good-looking, and there are basic factors that determine attractiveness. 
  3. The woman belongs in the kitchen (added this as a joke, of course). 
  4. People should learn to accept that facts don't care about their feelings. 

I'm not saying these are my opinions (except number 4), I'm just saying those are opinions that will spark some controversy.


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