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Should we Edit Gig or Delete Gig if needed any modifications in Gig after published?



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The secret to success on Fiverr does not hinge on tweaking a gig just so or deleting and creating a new gig. That's really not how things work. What truly affects your visibility is your own performance, as well as that of your competitors.

Feel free to edit your gig as much as you like, but remember that ill-considered changes could backfire (for example, if you remove a keyword that's actually working well for you, or if you replace a nice gig thumbnail with an ugly one). On the flip side, thoughtful edits that genuinely enhance your gig could have a positive effect. 

My oldest gig is nine years old at this point, and it has been edited, changed, updated, refreshed, and tweaked up the wazoo for years. 

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