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Sellers who write, re-write, edit, etc, would you help me?


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I sell a transcription gig and it does quite well but it’s very time-consuming for a small amount of pay. I am looking to find new gigs to sell, but I’ve never done any of them before and it makes me nervous. I think I’m an okay writer, I speak English as a first language, etc. I am interested in things like writing or re-writing articles, editing, proof-reading. If anybody does a gig like that and would be interested in “mentoring” me a little bit, or just running me through what the gig entails (maybe sending through an example they’ve done) I would appreciate it so much. I would consider buying a gig in exchange for the advice or examples, if necessary. Money is tight in my household and I am trying to save for a new laptop. Thank you again.

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I ran an editing gig for two years (just recently took my gigs down), and did quite well (managed to keep 100% positives). I started by offering 5,000 words for $5 and then worked my way down. (Once I had a good number of positive reviews, I lowered the word count, then waited for a few more reviews to come in, lowered again, and so on. This helped me keep up with the competition to start with, and then I had a good reputation that brought in more work.)

I use Microsoft Word for editing. It has a “Track Changes” option that shows every change I make in red. It allows the buyer to see what changes have been made and to either accept or reject them once they have the document. This makes the process MUCH easier, as the buyer receives the completed work, and he/she can adjust the final document as necessary. The buyer can also choose to just accept all changes – no fuss.

I’ve never had anyone try to return an editing job, though I did have several people try to get away with adding in a few extra words, so ALWAYS do a word count BEFORE beginning a project.

Now, for my gig, I required that Microsoft Word be used. If the buyer sent me a different format, I would convert it to Word (and I mentioned in the gig description AND instructions that I would do this). If, however, you don’t mind different formats, be sure to include that in your gig description. For me, Word just worked better overall. Totally up to you.

Make good use of the Comments feature (in Word – if other formats are used, see if the program has a similar option). I used this mostly when there was confusion, like I couldn’t understand what was being said, or if something might sound okay in a few different ways.

Don’t try to rush it, and don’t do it when you’re super sleepy. I say this from experience. LOL And always, ALWAYS double-check your work. Sometimes it helps to save a corrected copy just for yourself so you can go through and read it without the editing mess (cross-outs and red marks and things like that).

Most importantly, pay attention to what your buyers are saying, complaints and all. This will help you improve. You won’t always be able to cater to every buyer’s whim, but change what you’re able to change, and always work on tweaking your gig to both benefit your buyers and make the work WORTH YOUR TIME.

I’m sure others have great tips for you. Don’t despair if you start out slow. You have to start somewhere! Keep chugging along, and you’ll be busy before you know it.  And by all means, get a handful of gigs up and going. It’ll be worth it!

Good luck!

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