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My fiverr world crumbles down


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Dear friends,

Fiverr gave me a hope and a lot more. Couple of months ago, orders were raining and I quit my job when I started making $1000 per month for the first time of my life! Suddenly something bad happened (family issue) I had to cancel about 20 orders and suspend all of my gigs. (I used up all vacation days by then). I sorted out my problems and came back after a month and activated the gigs. And now I’m not getting new orders! I messaged all my old clients and they once in while places an order. I made about $48 for the whole last month!. Can anyone tell me how to get myself out of this situation?

Here are my most popular gigs. (once were)



Thanks a bunch

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I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately an online business like this is very much the same as doing business in the real world. If you close your doors for a month, your customers have no choice but to find other businesses to buy the same services. Sometimes they like the new seller better, but even if they don’t they feel a sense of loyalty to the new seller because he or she was there when they needed the service done, and you weren’t. They probably understand and feel badly for you, but they are not close friends or relatives, they’re customers.

You probably have to treat your Fiverr business as if you’re just starting brand new. You have one big advantage: you have all your old feedback to show your new customers that you have an established history of being a good seller. But you’ll need to go out and promote yourself in social media, on blogs, in articles, wherever it’s appropriate. And you might need to offer more in your gigs as many new sellers do in order to get established.

You may want to read through some Tips again to stimulate some fresh ideas. Go tweak your gigs with new graphics and gig descriptions.

Good luck~

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You know livelihood on the internet can be an up and down business. Not just on Fiverr, but many internet business has their ups and downs.

I have a full time job, but the money I make on Fiverr is still a value when it comes to taking care of everyday and unexpected expenses (i.e. care breakdown) but I would never quit my job to work full time on Fiverr.

This doesn’t help you, but there are tons of post here on the forum where sellers were doing great one day and as time goes on, things change.

The changes that happen mostly happen to Fiverr but they can effect you.

  1. More sellers join creating more competition

  2. Fiverr has made a ton of changes to their algorithm and as far as I can tell they are still making changes. You may have to rethink your keywords, description, etc.

    Actually if Fiverr operates like google, algorithm updates will never stop. So those who were concerned about their ranking in google had to make change to keep up with google’s updates. My bet is that is the case here on Fiverr as well.

    I wish you luck and hopefully you can find your groove again.

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