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Gig Pricing Update: Minimum $10 Required - Seeking Clarification



Hello Community,

I need to make changes to my Gig by July 20th, or else it will be deleted. I'm a bit confused about this requirement, as I thought I could still offer my services for $5. However, it seems that now I have to charge a minimum of $10. Can someone please clarify if this applies to everyone or if there's a specific reason for this change? I've attached screenshots for reference, so you can see the details. I really want to keep my Gig but still offer it for $5. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me with more information. Thank you very much.

2023-07-17 19_32_28-Window.png

2023-07-17 19_32_06-Window.png

2023-07-17 19_31_46-Window.png

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