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Make the name of the files that are uploaded when delivering fully visible

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I'm a Python developer and I sell several different types of programs that has similar names and with small differences. To keep things in order, I like to name my files based on categories and then subcategories.

Although I have never sent a wrong file ever on Fiverr, I've always been anxious about sending the wrong file accidentally - which they could possibly get for free if I did because I would have to deliver again but with the correct file they ordered. It have been so hard to check the file name after uploading it.

I think it would be helpful if the names are displayed in full in the upload section and in after the delivery instead of the shortened names with periods ("...") in the middle. Another option would be to make it possible to undo/delete delivered files, as long as they haven't accepted the order yet.

Here's a sample screenshot of what I was talking about:


The pricing of my gig's products are ranging from $500 to $1000. I would really be greatly disappointed if I somehow accidentally gave away a copy a different program/script for free.

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