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Welcome to Fiverr~

In the upper right corner is the search box for the forums. You can use it to find “tips for selling”, advice for people who are “new to Fiverr”, learn to “promote your gigs” and “optimize your gigs”, or anything else you want to learn how to do.

You can browse through the Tips for Sellers forum and the Fiverr FAQ forum to learn lots of new things. You can click on Customer Support and read some of the brief, easy-to-read articles.

You can click on the link to the Fiverr Blog and read some of the excellent articles about the online economy, how to sell online and related topics.

Instead of sitting passively waiting for someone to come tell you what to do, why not be proactive and professional?

And best of all, you have thousands of real humans you can sell your gigs to! I don’t know why you say you don’t like to sell on Twitter. You’re asking people to give you money to sell their stuff on Twitter. That seems hypocritical. If your followers are real, then sell to them!

Good luck~

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