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Here's a Favorite Trick of Mine for Organic Niche-Specific Keyword Research


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Hey Everyone,

I want to share one of my favorite tricks for finding trending keywords in my niche- Writing and Translation. (Ps: This strategy is applicable for any category/subcategory)

    i) Open an Incognito tab in your browser and search Fiverr.com. Make sure you're not logged into your account.

   ii) You will see a search bar labeled 'Search for any service' on the first page, as illustrated in the attached image.

   iii) Type in any keyword that represents your niche or aligns with your services. For instance: Web development, AI Service, Logo Design, and so on! *But don't press the        Enter button yet.

  iv) Fiverr will auto-recommend suggestions based on the search tags most buyers use on the platform to find services in your category.


Here's an Example:

In the case of the navigational query I input (refer to the attached image), you can see that when I search 'Content Writer, ' some of the suggestions I'm getting include;

1. Content writer for website

2. Medical content writer

3. Finance content writer

4. SEO content writer

5. Youtube content writer

6. Hindi content writer 

7. Amazon content writing


You can use some of the keyword suggestions you get here in your Meta Tags or SEO Title to boost your visibility. Also, you can click on any of the suggested keywords from the search query to see how many gigs are in that category and gauge if you have a good chance of ranking for that specific keyword. 


Have a lovely day, and good luck! 😀

Fiverr Forum Keyword Research Tip.png

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