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Unresolved Concerns Regarding Fiverr Support and Ratings


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Hello Fiverr Community,

I hope this finds you well. I'm writing to share some experiences I've recently had as a Fiverr seller, hoping to gain some insights and advice from the community.

I've consistently delivered orders on time, but I've noticed an unexpected decrease in my "Order Delivered on Time" statistics. This decrease, I believe, does not accurately reflect my diligence and punctuality as a seller.

Simultaneously, an issue arose with an order cancellation that I believe was not handled fairly. Prior to the cancellation, I had a recorded Zoom meeting with the buyer, where we mutually agreed to the delivery of an app in its current version, with further enhancements to be made in subsequent calls. After the app was delivered, the buyer changed their stance, leading to an order cancellation.

I had opened a ticket with Fiverr Support before the cancellation occurred, outlining the agreed terms with the buyer. However, no response was provided to my ticket before the buyer reached out to Fiverr Support and proceeded with the cancellation. This situation has significantly impacted my seller's profile and statistics.

In a twist of events, instead of addressing these issues, my support tickets were closed with responses that seemed to belong to less critical issues. This miscommunication is affecting my professional image on the platform.

I understand that Fiverr aims to create a platform that is fair to both buyers and sellers. However, these experiences are making it difficult for me to uphold the high level of service I strive to provide to my buyers.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation? How did you manage to navigate it? Any insights, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time and for being such an amazing community.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Raza

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It might be helpful to send a new message to customer support outlining these concerns. I've found different members of customer support respond differently. Some have been very engaged and understanding, and some have been... well... not so engaged and not so understanding 😅

Probably the best way to handle it would be to summarize the situation -and- to request that you'd like the recent cancellation to not count for the reasons you've stated. Just be super polite about it, but probably be willing to take "no" for an answer. Cancellation and on-time rate do seem to recover over time (something to keep in mind just in case customer service doesn't agree to make the adjustment).

So....... no guarantees, but from personal experience, there have been times when customer service has reversed an unfair cancellation demerit for me (e.g. that time when a customer accidentally placed a duplicate order).

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Yes, still in contact with fiverr support but they instead of read/consider/count my concerns/point of view just saying that its my mistake as i am telling then the call is on record where buyer said he does not have any time and i can deliver the order with source file and he will try to implement by his own but still on recorded call i said ok i will deliver but if anywhere you get error or issue please message me i will be there to help.

i will keep this forum updated if nothing works then will share complete picture with all proofs (including meeting recording with buyer)

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