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Tip: The How (and Why) of UNADVERTISED Introductory Discounts

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Have you ever had someone give you an unexpected discount at a garage sale or something?

Pretty awesome, isn't it? That shot of dopamine is quite a thrill.

Unadvertised Introductory Discounts are a great way to capture that magic in a bottle and build customer satisfaction, and — as an added "plus" — to protect yourself as a seller!

So, um... what was that about protecting myself?
I'm guessing the "building customer satisfaction" part was pretty self-explanatory, so let me explain the "protecting yourself" part.

(First, as usual, you should probably make sure "Please message me first!" is plastered all over your gig packages and gig description.)

Let's say you have a prospective buyer who comes to you and says:

  • "I understand you do logo design and offer virtually unlimited revisions for 25 USD in 3 days. Can you make me a logo according to these specifications, which would render it so bizarrely complicated that it would make an illustration out of a Where's Waldo? book look as empty as Lost Springs, Wyoming by comparison?"

To which you could respond:

  • "Sure, and I'll even do it for 20 USD instead of the usual 25. But the only catch is — due to the complexity of this project — I'm going to need set a limit of only two revisions and the lead time is going to need to be 5 days instead of three."

You might be confused why we decrease the price here, but the secret sauce comes down to the fact that:

 When you provide an unadvertised introductory discount, the customer is a lot less likely to jump the gun and immediately "check out" before you get the chance to issue a custom offer.

People are often willing to prioritize price over other metrics, which means:

  • They'll probably be more "open" to giving you a chance to issue a custom offer.
  • Or if they don't know what a custom offer is, they'll probably subtly ask how to redeem their discount before they proceed.

And nudging the customer into a custom offer has the unique benefit of allowing you to override:

  1. The number of revisions.
  2. The lead time. 📅
  3. Any other specifics that your one-size-fits-all "gig description" normally stipulates.

... so you can essentially provide a bespoke service, finely tailored to the specific nuances of the transaction at hand... without the worry of having a transaction somewhat outside of the normal parameters of your one-size-fits-all packages (where any further adjustments or cancellation are not necessarily guaranteed by Fiverr customer service after the fact).

That's it?
Pretty much. What we're essentially doing is incentivizing custom offers. Custom offers should probably be the way all orders are handled by default, as the standard checkout process is too much of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, this can be a great way to build buyer confidence and ensure that (a) the number of revisions and (b) the lead time better reflect a project's specific "needs".

With buyers who are new to Fiverr, it can also be a helpful way to introduce the concept of "custom offers" by giving them a chance to put on the brakes and ask how they can redeem their discount.


In Conclusion...
Um... I don't have anything else to say at the moment. Uh....... you can go home now. (Or if you're already home, please briefly exit the front door, and then immediately reenter your home. 🏠)

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