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I haven't had any gig for four weeks now


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First of, I do not understand the rating system on fiverr; one minute am level two and the next I have been demoted back to square one. If I delay to answer a text for a few minutes, I am in trouble. That aside, I have not received any job for the past one month. I am a freelance writer and I don't know if this is a concern for everyone else, how is it going for you guys? Are there jobs out there or should we change careers? PS: I have been on fiverr since 2019

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There are metrics to maintain a certain level. A few minutes is fine, it only takes a hit only if your respond beyond an hour. Other than inflation and recessions happening around the world - I think a lot of people who offer writing services has been affected either in a good or bad way because of the rise of AI.


These statistics are all measured for activity during the last 60-days:

  • Response Rate
    This shows the percentage of inquiries you responded to. It also displays your average response time.
  • Order Completion Rate
    This shows your completed orders, without cancellations, by percentage.
  • On-time Delivery
    This shows the overall percentage of orders delivered on time.
  • Ratings
    This shows your average rating over 60 days.
  • Quality
    You meet additional quality metrics.
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