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The Life of a Songwriter on Fiverr.com [ARCHIVED]


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Hey there, I’m ShiftyPOP and I write music for people on Fiverr. I’ve been here for NEARLY 2 months now and it really has changed my life. The story: So I finished university in June and got my degree in Creative Sound and Music. From there I remained jobless with no goals in life. I was miserable, bored and felt totally useless. I live 100 miles away from my girl band in Wales which is known as ToyPOP! so I spent most of my time organizing that over the summer and doing gigs. but obviously, what I got paid personally I had to spend on traveling so I wasn’t financially earning from it. Then it hit me. I’m a songwriter with a degree, I have my own band, I’ve had radio plays and I’ve made a degree out of the genre I write - Toypop. This is pop music with toys. I had a look on fiverr and found nothing like my work so it was almost guaranteed to catch the attention of people after music. People want something new, fun and unique. something that others don’t have. Well, I had to be careful here as I was a member in 2010 for about 2 weeks and I spent HOURS on gigs, got bored and gave it up. This time I mean business. Also I noticed the extra’s are there now too which makes it even better and more inspiring to spend all my life on the website. I’ve been on Fiverr 7 weeks now and i’ve already managed to pay off half of my overdraft - however I find this a lot easier keeping it within the website so I don’t spend it. Fiverr allows me to do what I love doing, gain positive feedback for my work so if I find work in the future that gets me more than I do now i have evidence I can please a customer and it passes the time 'til I get to see my long distance boyfriend. i’m now very happy with a part time job at a cinema in town as well as having fiverr. It’s up and down with gig amounts and the most i’ve made in a day so far is $112 - that’s with the $1 taken off per $5. I’ve met a brilliant amount of wonderful people on here and a lot return for more after a few weeks or so. It’s a fantastic website, it keeps my on my feet, keeps me developing my talent and keeps me following my dream <3

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