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what should I do if our fiverr suddenly quiet chat and buy


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5 minutes ago, kholed_f said:

I'm quite frustrated this week, I'm experiencing a situation where suddenly my Fiverr is quiet

That happens and it's normal to have brief periods of time where you might not hear from buyers (or even have any orders). 

6 minutes ago, kholed_f said:

does anyone have any tips for me?
I've tried editing my gigs and updating my portfolio

That's great! I always have a list of "projects" that I have to work on to improve my business. It's really difficult to work on these projects during the busy times, so when there's some downtime, I like to take out my hit list and work on those items. I need to update my portfolio and some gig images. I also a lot of "To-Dos" for my  other business as well. So I have plenty of things to work on.

10 minutes ago, kholed_f said:

suddenly my Fiverr is quiet

Sometimes that means it's good to take a beach day! ⛱️🩴🌴

There's more to life than just Fiverr and building your business. Don't forget to enjoy the journey, too! 😎

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thank you, that's enough to help me to calm my mind and heart, I'm quite frustrated because fiverr is my main income and I have to pay some of my team for this month,
yes it looks like I have to update a lot of new portfolios for my gigs

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