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Warning Points in Fiverr Forum


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Hello Community, 

I have Received a warning from Fiverr Community. Now Question is,

1. Will it have any effect on my Forum or Fiverr Seller Profile?

2. How Can I Fix this problem?

3. Anyone But me will see this Problem?

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16 minutes ago, catwriter said:

You can get banned from the forum and it doesn't affect your main account.

Depends on the reason for the forum ban, I'd say, Fiverr's ToS are valid for both main site and forum, and some forum rules may overlap with ToS, too.

If someone tries hard enough to get "sanctions" on the forum, I think they might have a chance at succeeding in getting banned on the main site, even though it's probably a rare occurrence, or may not have actually happened yet .

Hopefully, though, OP has just a theoretical interest in this question and doesn't plan on trying to find out through major ToS violations.

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There was one time in February this year when someone sent very offensive messages to some forum members and there was a thread about it. I'm sure the user's account got banned/closed on the main site as well as the forum.

Also someone said (I think when it was on the old version of the forum) that something they did on the forum (maybe that got a warning?) affected them on the main site.

It seems rare though. Most of the time (ie. when it's not very serious) it won't really affect it (or at least we don't know that it's affected the main account).

Though the forum and the main site are both using the Fiverr . com, if you open tabs too fast on Fiverr/the Fiverr forum it does seem like they both could be affected (eg. they both could get the "IP address temporarily blocked" type message).

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1 minute ago, uk1000 said:

It seems rare though. Most of the time (ie. when it's not very serious) it won't really affect it (or at least we don't know that it's affected the main account).


If we think about it, a person misbehaving on the forum will most likely misbehave on Fiverr as well. So, while the shenanigans from the forum won't affect their Fiverr journey, the chances of them screwing things up on Fiverr as well are very high. 

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16 hours ago, theratypist said:

You mean if you have a sanction on your forum account and if it applies to your main account? Well, no...... But what in heaven's name did you do to get a sanction in the forum.

I have not been sanctioned. i underatand the fact that we are humans and we are not beyond errors; exactly why i asked.

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On 2/1/2023 at 4:13 PM, mamunislam85 said:

I got a warning a long time ago today because I shared my gig link how can I apply it and remove it from my profile if anyone knows please help me thanks.

Hi @mamunislam85 - to my knowledge, warnings don't get removed and 1 warning isn't going to hurt you on the forum, especially when it says there are no restrictions being applied. Your forum status has no bearing on your real Fiverr account anyways. A warning here isn't a warning there.

Just learn the rules and stick to them to avoid another warning. These articles may be helpful for you:







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