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how to get buyer


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10 hours ago, graphicpluslimi said:

your gigs might not be approve if you are providing services that are not on fiverr. I encourage you should check people that are doing what you offer on fiverr so that you can fix your gigs to the rightr categories and provide information that go along with it.

Sir thank you for your comment 

Plz give me advice 

How to progress the fiverr account and get buyers

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14 hours ago, anisur1786his said:

Now i am fiverr worker but i am not account  promoton at this momeny  plz give me suggested me

You are evaluated for Promoted Gig participation eligibility according to the following standards:

  • You are a Level 1 Seller, a Level 2 Seller, a Top Rated Seller, or a Pro seller
  • Your Gig scores are 4.7 in the public rating
  • Your Gig has at least 20 reviews. Pro Gigs require only 5 reviews
  • You meet additional quality metrics
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