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Tips from a 1000 gig seller (over 6 months)


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OK guys,

First off, you need to have a gig that warrants that amount of interest. I currently produce between 15 and 20 orders a day and I still get requests more than I currently produce … so I average around 30 “to do things” a day.

It’s sometimes a little much with the work I do ‘outside’ of Fiverr, but who am I to have a go at the horse that feeds me?

So my tips are as follows (and this comes from great testimonials over those six months - unedited)

  1. Your work is amazing! I need to pay more for this!!!
  2. How can you sustain an income at $5?
  3. Your work is worth much more than $5!

    And so on…

    The answers to all the above questions is YES! My work is worth more than $5 and so I charge my extra gigs in hope you will pay for my hard work.

    My average is now $10 per gig and I get about 10 gigs a day (not great for a European!)

    However, you gain contacts.

    I’m now doing work for clients who will not use anyone else on Fiverr.

    That is down to CS (Customer Service) and the ability to deliver.

    So, my tips for the newbies out there, who have an idea but aren’t sure how to get the purchases?

    Make sure it’s the best gig on Fiverr! That simple.

    My gig address is http://www.fiverr.com/artworkking/design-you-a-retro-style-poster-or-flyer

    It’s currently featured, which is nice I guess.

    If I was to start again (from 6 months ago) I would look at a brand new idea (and not copy what those who can do it better than you do it!)

    Anyway, just my two pennies!



Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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Hi Thank you for your tips…

I am still trying to get more buyers… 🙂 I have a few dedicated buyers, but i need to get more… so trying my very best…

Hoping your tips will help me too…

Have a nice day!!


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Guest nikihiphop

THANKS! Ur Tips will surelly help me 🙂 Sadly Im here 4 months and just 1 order but im trying and trying and won’t give up.

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Hi, thanks for the tips… I think that the complicated step is how to start, I have 2 gigs(eng and spa) but any buyer yet, so maybe I can something of higher quality than someone with a lot of reviews but if I don’t have any review… 😦 Well I hope to get my first client in less than a month. Maybe I start a bizzare gig lol

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Since starting this post, I have seen others replicating my gig. And you know what, that’s fine. One seller has actually replicated my gig offering almost word for word… and again, you know, that is fine.

Be the best and you have nothing to worry about - in my humble opinion.

Great comments on this thread - thank you.

Here’s hoping every legitimate Fiverr member who has a fresh idea (not copied) is successful. It’s a great platform that should create many smiling sellers!

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Reply to @artworkking:

Thanks, really very useful and your gigs look great. It is all about being original and unique.

At first, my best selling gig has been my voice-over in Greek language. I was the only native Greek on Fiverr. The other sellers were Russian or from somewhere else. Being unique helps!

About this person who copied your gig, I believe you should report that to Fiverr. It is against the Terms of Service.

Thanks again 🙂

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