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First Gig Problems



So I've got a new user question here.

I am new to fiverr and I recently made a gig, the problem is that it is in my drafts and not my active gigs. I am fairly certain that it should be an active gig since I've gone through everything. Do I need to wait for the W-9 form to be processed? Please help!

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@mr_n_jones As a U.S. person you need to complete the W-9 within 30 days, or Fiverr will pause your gigs. If that's the case, I believe you'll find them under the Paused tab, not the Draft tab. 

You can check your gig status on this page: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/selling-on-fiverr/gigs/gig-status

If they're showing as Active there, contact support (link at the bottom of this post), as I can't see any active gigs on your profile. 

You could also try to go through the gig setup process again to ensure you've completed everything correctly.

Go to My Business > Gigs in the main menu. 

You'll see several tabs at the top of that page, including Active, Paused, and Draft. 

If your gigs are under Draft, click the Arrow Down button next to it and hit Edit

Make sure you complete all the steps and move on to the Publish part of the gig editing flow. When you Save and Publish, it should confirm if that's been done or if something is wrong. 

I know you say you've gone through everything, but there might be a missed step, something not filled in, or something not filled in completely that is causing this issue. 

If you're 100% sure that every step is completed and you haven't received any notification or indication about what's wrong, you can reach out to support for more help here: 


I hope this helps!

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