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What are some common mistakes to avoid as a new seller on Fiverr?



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1 hour ago, ayeleta said:

What are the things that we can avoid to go higher , and our account can also be safe , and we can get the most out of it without any problems?

Some points to avoid: 

1. Violating Fiverr's Terms of Service

2. Plagiarism and copyright infringement

3. Late deliveries

4. Poor communication

5. Low-quality work

6. Never ask for a positive feedback

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Here are some points:

  1. Setting unrealistic expectations.
  2. Ignoring your profile and gig description.
  3. Not researching the market.
  4. Neglecting communication with buyers.
  5. Delivering poor quality work.
  6. Ignoring reviews and feedback.
  7. Failing to meet deadlines.
  8. Neglecting marketing and self-promotion.
  9. Violating Fiverr's terms of service.
  10. Not continuously improving skills. 

I hope these points will help you.

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I have asked because those who have been working on Fiverr for a long time can add to our knowledge by explaining this question in detail and according to their experience😇..And also Because there are daily changes in Fiverr.

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