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Level demotion as new seller possible?



Hello there!

I've been demoted from level 1 to new seller last month for not meeting one of the requirements to keep that level (on time delivery precisely).

The thing is that I haven't been able to meet the 90% minimum (I just made it till 88%) and wanted to ask what will happen in the next evaluation as I don't think I will receive enough orders before 15th this month.

Can a new seller be somehow "demoted"? Or will my account be suspended?

I was sick and went to the doctor multiple times these last couple of months, so I delivered some of the orders late, however my costumers were very understanding and still gave me a 5 star ratings.


I do personal color analysis by the way.

Thank you all in advance.

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You simply will not get your Level 1 back at the next evaluation and your account will keep the New Seller status. The moment you receive more orders and your rates increase, Fiverr will assign the badge to you again.

New Seller accounts are not affected unless the TOS are broken and other factors bring the CS to take more drastic measures. This is not your case.

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