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Industry Picking 101: Elements Aren’t The Whole Story!

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In the world of design, logos play a vital role in representing a brand's identity and conveying its values to the target audience. While the Logo Maker team does our best to ensure our pre-made logos fit the industries our buyers are searching for, a single element or keyword may not be enough to create a comprehensive logo that sells.

This is because multiple buyers may search using the same keyword, but depending on their industries, their needs will likely be drastically different. If for instance, two buyers are searching for the keyword, “hands,” but one is in the health industry, and the other is in the nonprofit sector, the choices they select won’t be the same.

As a logo designer, one must understand that a logo is more than just a combination of elements, it is a powerful tool that communicates the personality and essence of a business. In this forum post, we will delve into the significance of matching the logo's personality to the industry it represents, going beyond the mere visual elements.

Each industry attracts individuals with different skill sets, passions, and motivations By highlighting these aspects, you can provide better, more distinct options to support buyers and their services.

Here are some key aspects that logos should represent:

  • Brand Identity & Recognition 
  • Industry Representation
  • Values & Personality
  • Trust & Credibility
  • Product or Service Differentiation
  • Emotional Connection

In a competitive marketplace, it is crucial for brands to stand out from their competitors. Designing a logo that reflects an organization’s values is necessary for creating a distinct visual identity that sets its clients apart from the competition. Think about how distinct each industry's needs are and use these factors to create unique logos for buyers:

  • Nature of work
  • Environment 
  • Educational background and skill set
  • Daily responsibilities
  • Goals
  • Pricing


Take a look at the examples below, to see how much range a single keyword (like hands!) can have depending on the industry it’s paired with.

Industry 1: Health and Wellness

This industry aims to empower individuals to take an active role in their well-being through education, services, and products that support their overall wellness goals. It is diverse and caters to individuals seeking to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health, and can sometimes include non-traditional approaches to health and wellness.

A logo for the health and wellness industry should symbolize trustworthiness, support, and comfort.

The health and wellness industry can be achieved by utilizing design elements connected to people, natural remedies, and care. When designing a health industry logo with the keyword, “hands,” consider adding more context and having the hand in motion, offering a plant, leaves, medicine, or other elements relating to healing.

See examples below for inspiration:


Designed by dimitrije_, budaart, rubel5460


Industry 2: Non-profit 

Nonprofit organizations are primarily focused on addressing social, cultural, educational, environmental, or humanitarian needs, and they play a vital role in civil society. A few key characteristics and features of the nonprofit sector include mission-driven, caring for others, volunteer engagement, transparency & accountability, and giving with no need for anything in return. Non-profits are all about helping others get access to resources like medicine, food education, and more.

A logo for the non-profit sector should convey a feeling of togetherness and community. If you’re using the element, “hands,” consider using more than one! Two or more hands can be used to create a secondary image that resonates with caring for others, such as a heart, or multiple hands can come together to symbolize unity.

See examples below for inspiration:


Designed by amitmaman, meytalx, name_art


Industry 3: Beauty & Cosmetics

Buyers in the beauty and cosmetic industry are looking for logos that represent freshness, cleanliness, and some spark. Their products are designed to help us become more beautiful versions of ourselves, to make us feel pampered and indulgent. The logos should convey the same sentiment.

When designing a logo for these industries that feature hands, they should appear soft, stylish, gentle, and aesthetically pleasing. If the hand is holding something, it should relate to the industry, whether either directly, with a literal element used for beauty and cosmetics, or symbolically, like a candle to represent freshness, as seen below. 

Take a look at these examples for inspiration:


Designed by budaart, lehzli and budaart



As logo designers, we must recognize the power of personality in creating impactful and memorable logos. By understanding the distinct traits of different industries and aligning logo designs with them, we can create designs that resonate with consumers, establish emotional connections, and help businesses thrive in their respective markets. 

Remember, a logo is not just a collection of elements; it is a gateway to a brand's soul, inviting consumers to embark on a meaningful journey.

Ready to try your hand at it?

Post your favorite hand logos and tell us what industry they fit and why! 


Don't forget to go over all your hand logos and see if they need retagging! 


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Thank you for sharing this insightful post about the importance of industry-specific logo design. I completely agree that a logo goes beyond the visual elements and should represent the brand's identity, values, and personality. It's crucial to understand the distinct characteristics of different industries and tailor the logo designs accordingly to create a strong connection with the target audience.

In the health and wellness industry, a logo should convey trustworthiness, support, and comfort. Incorporating design elements related to people, natural remedies, and care can enhance the logo's meaning and appeal to individuals seeking holistic well-being.

For non-profit organizations, logos should evoke a sense of togetherness and community. Using multiple hands in the logo design can symbolize caring for others and unity, reflecting the sector's mission-driven nature and commitment to social causes.

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, logos should exude freshness, cleanliness, and a touch of elegance. By creating soft, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing hand logos, we can capture the essence of pampering and indulgence that buyers in this industry seek.

As logo designers, it's essential to recognize the power of personality in creating impactful and memorable logos. By aligning designs with industry-specific traits, we can forge emotional connections, differentiate brands, and help businesses thrive in their respective markets.

I encourage everyone to share their favorite hand logos, specifying the industry they fit and why. It's a great opportunity to appreciate the diverse range of logo designs and reflect on the creative choices that align with industry values and aesthetics. Additionally, don't forget to review and retag hand logos to ensure accurate categorization.

Let's continue to explore the fascinating world of logo design and celebrate the art of creating meaningful brand identities.

Best regards,

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