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Unfair Warning and Refund Issue

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share some recent difficulties I've encountered within the Fiverr community. I had the pleasure of working with an amazing client who provided clear instructions and had a positive experience with my services. I delivered their orders on time, and they even left a glowing review. To my surprise, a week later, both of the new orders placed by this client were abruptly canceled, and their account was disabled. The following day, even the previous order was canceled and refunded. Naturally, I was confused and concerned about what had happened, so I promptly reached out to Fiverr customer support.

I received a response from Fiverr stating that my client or their bank had initiated a dispute, and unfortunately, Fiverr couldn't intervene in this matter. However, on the same day, I received a message from my client through alternative means, explaining that they had not raised any dispute and, to make matters worse, they hadn't even received a refund for the previous order—only for the newer ones.

Without delay, I forwarded my client's message to Fiverr customer support to provide them with additional information. However, to my dismay, the very next day, I received a warning for engaging in outside communication. As a provider of chatbot services for chat platforms, it is essential for me to have alternative contact method on the platform I make chat-bot for with my clients for testing and the completion of the order, whether I personally prefer it or not. In addition to the warning, I also received a notification asking me to verify my ID, which is quite troublesome to obtain a passport in my country. However, that's not the primary issue I'm addressing at the moment.

I contacted Fiverr customer support once again, explaining the entire situation, only to receive a response stating, "I've checked and it appears that the reason for your warning is not related to the specific service you provide, but rather the offer you made to the buyer to contact you outside of Fiverr if they were unable to do so here. This is considered taking communication outside Fiverr and goes against our guidelines, which is why the warning cannot be removed."

I would like to emphasize that I did not initiate or make any offers for outside communication. My client's account was disabled, and they reached out to me to shed light on the situation. They even created an alternative account, but not only did I lose the hard-earned money, Fiverr is now warning me for something I did not do.

Naturally, I reached out to Fiverr for further explanation, but it has been four days or so, and I have yet to receive a response regarding the false warning or the unexpected refund. Furthermore, due to this incident, my seller level has been reset to Level 1 instead of progressing to Level 2 this month.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance from fellow community members who have faced similar challenges or have any insights into resolving this situation. Thank you all for your support

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1 hour ago, abdulrahman1s said:

I would like to emphasize that I did not initiate or make any offers for outside communication. My client's account was disabled, and they reached out to me to shed light on the situation.

Even though you didn't initiate the conversation, you chose to continue conversations that were not on Fiverr.

I understand you have other means to communicate with your buyers, but those means are restricted to open orders that require such communication. Once those orders are closed, you can't use those communication tools, especially if an account is restricted and prevents you from having communications on Fiverr. Fiverr imposes those restrictions for a reason.

For anyone who has had their account wrongfully shut down (I have), this is the hardest part - not being able to reach out to your customers. But you have to be patient with Fiverr CS and not communicate with the buyer during this time (it can take days or even weeks before you have a good response, depending on the type of restriction that is on your account).

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