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Got my first warning on fiverr in 8 years. Will this affect my chances of becoming Fiverr Pro?

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Hello guys, just received my first warning on Fiverr for feedback manipulation( as stated in the Fiverr email). I was on my way to applying for Fiverr Pro in the near future and now I'm starting to think this might not be a possibility any longer because of this warning. My thinking goes like this, if the PRO program is only for the top 1% of the platform and the warnings stay on your account forever that will mean the Fiverr team will see this when reviewing my application and most likely deny it. 

Curious to see if any of you might have some insight on this and what do you think my chances of still becoming a Fiverr Pro one day be? ( it's been one of my goals since last year to be a pro seller and my account was doing really well before this)



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