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I am not sure if i a getting scammed?

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Im a new seller on fiverr, i got a message from an account, claiming to be working with fedex company.

The messages have been deleted for some unknown reason, but they said something along the lines of " Hi im (their Name) from fedex company, we are looking for freelancers to make social media design for us, please contact me @********* on google chats if you are interested." 

i asked why they wanted me to talk on google chats, she said it was so she could respond quicker and then said we can talk on fiverr if i wanted. She then went on to say they were looking for freelancers to design new clothing designs for the company, and i was suspicious but i said sure and she asked if i wanted the the logo design spot or social media design spot, and i said either. She said i would be the logo design, and my salary would be $9000 a month and a $400 weekly allowance. 

Then she said "Before you're hired.. We need to know somethings about you and get some legitimate credentials. Do you pay tax?" 

I was suspicious of this and so i said "I did when I worked at McDonald's a few months ago, but since I quit I do not have any taxes to pay, and I am sorry if this seems unprofessional but is there any way you can prove this is not a scam? I'm so sorry but I just want to be sure incase!" 

And i havent gotten a response since i just sent her it.

Also her account says new member (July 2023)

I am not sure about this, it seems too good to be true and i do not intend to give any personal information. But it seems maybe legit? Please help!

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8 minutes ago, hannah_mccar said:

But it seems maybe legit?

It's not legit. There are many red flags here: the buyer is trying to tak we conversations off of Fiverr (each is against Fiverr's ToS). No one gets a salary here because we are freelancers. You also don't get "hired, a "salary," or have to provide any credentials here. You are a freelancer. Legitimate clients will buy your services by placing an order, and multiple orders I f they become your repeat clients.

I would mark this buyer as spam and move on.

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