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How to get clicks and orders?


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On 6/20/2023 at 11:27 PM, targetedleadgen said:

stay online,

On 6/20/2023 at 11:46 PM, virtualteambd said:

Stay Online.

WRONG! Staying active or being online does not help you at all. This myth is spread by sellers who lack knowledge about how Fiverr works.

Read number 1 in this post:

How to be successful on Fiverr, common questions answered and a collection of great posts that helped me achieve TRS. - Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community 

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1 hour ago, piyas_biswas said:


First thing you need to do, 

1. Use descriptive and keyword-rich titles. When creating your gig title, use descriptive and keyword-rich language...

2. Use Tags...

3. Create a video...

4. Offer buyer requests.

I think its been months since buyer requests no longer exist!

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for increase your gig click you need first rank your gig and make a attractive GIG thumbnail with services related information so that when your gig ranked and gain more impression that's time GOOD  Quality Thumbnail help you to achieve more click.

And for rank your give follow the instruction :-

  1. Optimize gig title with relevant keywords.
  2. Write a compelling gig description.
  3. Choose relevant categories and tags.
  4. Use high-quality images/videos.
  5. Set competitive pricing.
  6. Provide a portfolio or samples.
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Here are my tips:

Optimize gig: Clear language, keywords.
Attractive visuals: Images/videos.
Competitive pricing: Stand out.
Highlight uniqueness.
Respond to requests.
Promote on social media.
Exceptional service: Quality, support.
Improve gig SEO: Keywords.
Request feedback/reviews.
Keep improving.

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43 minutes ago, rekhaakter84 said:

I am Rekha akter from Bangladesh and I recently join Fiverr few days I created a new gig-related Business leads b2b lead generation. please check my gig and share your experience with this gig 

My gig


Your gig create is well. You continues Marketing your gig on many social media platform.  

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16 minutes ago, atulcodex said:

Any proof please!

You first 🤣

Do you stay online on US-based time? If yes, then you better change your tactics. 23 reviews in 17 months is not really a big success.

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2 hours ago, atulcodex said:

Any proof please!

My proof is that I get most of my sales from US buyers. Some of them contact me while I am sleeping or offline while I do something else besides being active on Fiverr. These buyers always wait for me to return to order. 


3 hours ago, atulcodex said:

 Make your gig images more attractive(use canva)

This is not helpful information because it does not tell @rekhaakter84 what more attractive would look like.My advice to Rekha applies to your gig images too! 

@rekhaakter84 Most of your gig images have too many words. Buyers do not have the time to read gig images that have too many words on them. Your gig images should have four or five bold words that state what your service is. For example, on this image, you only need to have B2B LEAD EXPERT and that is all!


On these images, your images are cut off. You must fix that because buyers can not tell what the service you are offering is.


And this image does not have any words. 🤔


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On 7/12/2023 at 12:22 PM, rekhaakter84 said:

Hello, respectable forum community!

I am a new seller on Fiverr. I couldn't arrange it completely in the service menu, the details are too small, so I want to add, will there be a problem with the account if I edit it?


Hello too

No problem. You can add more content in gig description or do changes in the gig whenever you need to do except gig title. There will be difference in impressions or clicks after editing your gig so keep an eye on these things. 

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