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Wrong category?


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Hi guys,

I received the following message from fiverr today for a gig that has been live for a few months and has received great feedback…


We noticed that your Gig is in the wrong category/subcategory. In its current location, you are getting irrelevant traffic to your Gig. You should think about what category/subcategory your buyers will be searching to find services like the one you are offering. If you aren’t sure where your Gig should be, take a minute to search for Gigs similar to yours on Fiverr, see what category the best selling ones are in.


Now, Fiverr ic CLEARLY CLEARLY wrong about this. The gig was classified under Marketing>Social media, and that’s the 100% correct classification. I simply saved the gig again and resubmitted it, hoping the Fiverr employee will realize their mistake. However, i am very scared that they will deny the gig which will delete ALL the feedback i have gained all these months 😦 This has happened to me before, so i just want to ask what can i do to avoid it…

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I wonder if a fiverr editor thought it should be under graphics or something like that?? In other words, didn’t look at the gig carefully. I understand your trepidation; I had something similar happen and lost dozens of portfolio images and great reviews. I hope they go ahead and allow it to stand so you can keep your reviews, but take heart, it will continue to get good reviews, I’m sure, and eventually they’ll fill up again with lots of stars. Mine did, even though I had to start over with it.

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