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Allow gig duplication

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Before everyone jumps down my throat, saying that you shouldn’t have multiples of the same gig – I know, and I agree.

However, there are times that different services have similarities.

I teach many different topics virtually on Fiverr, for example. The way I conduct and structure the sessions are very similar, even when the topics are totally different.

If I could start off with all the FAQs and requirements pre-filled and make relevant changes, it would save me a ton of time and would be way faster than copying and pasting.

I imagine this would help massively with different gigs that have similar milestones too – although I don’t personally use that feature.

It would be a nice opportunity for Fiverr to add a prompt during the duplication process also, letting sellers know that they can’t offer more than one gig that is effectively the same thing.


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