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Message "last seen" is inaccurate

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In a message conversation, there's a time stamp at the top stating when the seller "last saw" our conversation. It seems like this is actually time stamping "the last time they were logged into Fiverr" and not "the last time they viewed our conversation." To test this, I pulled up an old conversation from 7 years ago, and, behold, it was "last seen" 3 hours ago! As it stands now, the function seems useless as it is clearly not stamping the time the conversation was last seen. This could mislead buyers and sellers to believe that their message has been viewed when perhaps it has not at all if they were simply logged into the site for something else. Additionally, it can give the impression that the seller is constantly viewing the conversation and purposefully not responding. I'd recommend either deleting this function to reduce confusion or making it accurate so it only stamps when the seller opens the conversation. Thank you!

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