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Hi @atul_shandilya, Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! 😊

1 hour ago, atul_shandilya said:

Will anyone of you check my gig and tell me what i am doing wrong? I am new.

In your bio, you probably can delete everything I've highlighted in yellow. I also noticed that you don't have any "You" statements - this means you are talking about yourself, but not in terms of your buyer. Use your bio to show how you can help your buyer. Include at least one "you" or "your" in your bio (example: "Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project. I would love to hear from you!").



In your gig descriptions - all of your gigs pretty much have identical gig descriptions. This gig description is very short, need to be corrected for grammatical errors, and doesn't mention anything about the services you are providing. Use the gig descriptions to describe your services in detail and explain your value proposition - why should buyers buy from you and not someone else offering the exact same services?




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