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Client not responding after placing order


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Hello everyone!
I know that this topic is commonplace here, but I would still like to here your opinion about the problem. I had a client reach out to me about a large scale design, in which I was to do a fairly small part of. After discussion, we agreed upon a certain scope, price and time and waited for their reply of confirmation before placing the order. They ignored the message, went ahead  and placed the order. I know that clients have all rights to place orders, which isn't the problem here. They have increased the scope, more so than what we discussed. Leaving that, I went ahead and finished one part of the order (lets say the order is divided into 5 parts) for which I need approval to continue on to the next 4 parts of the order. I sent the draft and I received a message from them stating that I would receive further instructions the next evening, which didn't come either. Now, I have 12 hours to make a decision before the order is over. From what I have read, I can either:
1. Complete the 4 parts of the unapproved draft and submit it and go for revision if they come back
2. Submit the draft as deliverable and wait for their reply - (not advisable as its incomplete, but doing the 4 parts is wasteful anyways, as its subject to a lot of changes)
3. Complete whatever was the originally agreed upon scope and submit it
4. Go to resolution Centre stating that the buyer is unresponsive
5. Ask for extension (which i already did, no reply)
What can I do here? I am in a dilemma, and I would like to ask on the platform here. Thank you

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If you need more time to complete the work and the buyer will not accept the extension, that might result in a late order eventually. If you can sorta complete the job and deliver, you could do that as long as you don't send an incomplete project.

You could also notify the CS, as they usually send a couple of reminders to the clients when they go unresponsive. From there, if the issue persists and the person doesn't show up, they could proceed (with your permission) with a full cancellation. This may or may not affect your rates (sometimes they tell you it won't, other times they say they cannot control your stats and your completion rates will drop).

So in the end, I would say it depends on what feels best for you. I generally send the finished work and wait for the buyer to either accept or ask for revisions, otherwise I contact the CS if I need the client's answer to proceed.

Do not send the work in draft form, as it might affect your account negatively.

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