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Account disabled after 2 years - NO legitimate reason

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Hi guys,

I need some advice and would like to let everyone know the current situation that I am in and have been in for the past 2 months.

Out of the blue, 2 months ago, Fiverr disabled my account after (around 2 years). This was sudden and with no prior warning. The reason that they provided is the following: ''Your account is not eligible to be restored due to having been flagged for having more than one account on Fiverr, which we consider a violation of our Terms of Service and our policies. You will be notified once our team reaches a decision, which can take up to 60 days.''

I of course got back to support as this is NOT the case whatsoever, I do NOT have more than one account.

Anyway, after two months of battle and over 60 e-mails back and forth (and over 40 of those copy-and-paste replies), I am still yet to receive any information as to the actual reason why my account has been disabled.

Today, however, I received a reply from another member of the support team (there have been many) letting me know the following: ''Your account is not eligible to be restored due to having been flagged by the system for not meeting our criteria to deliver high-quality work.'' I had close to 300 reviews and never had a review lower than 4.7 stars.

SO, originally, it was for having multiple accounts but NOW it's for not meeting the criteria to deliver high-quality work? Neither of which is true.

I am lost for words and the unprofessionalism and lack of support that Fiverr offers sellers. I have done nothing wrong and have messaged them continuously for some clarity on what I have done wrong. Had I done something wrong or anything remotely wrong I would understand or have some idea, but I haven't.

I would appreciate any advice and any information on any similar cases.

Thanks for your time guys!

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Hi @kristalecom, I know how frustrating this is for you, but creating duplicate, copy/paste posts, isn't allowed on the forum (see forum rule #1:Create Unique Posts):


When you copy/paste the same post, that post will then be combined with your previous post (just like it happened when you reposted the same content here):

I had a lengthy response to the post above, but it got lost when that post was combined with the previous one. I really don't want to write it again. I'll jump on your original thread so my comments don't get deleted when this post gets combined with your original post.

Most likely this same thing will happen with this post, so it doesn't make sense for you to keep doing this. When you post the exact same content over and over again, that makes forum users less likely to respond to you. As you mentioned, you weren't happy with the 40+ copy/paste replies you got from Customer Support.  The same thing applies on the forum.

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