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low impressions and a lack of orders


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My Fiverr account is experiencing low impressions and a lack of orders. I am seeking your valuable insights and advice to understand why this might be happening.

Despite my efforts to optimize my gig descriptions, tags, and images, it seems that my account is not receiving the visibility it once had. I have also tried promoting my gigs through social media platforms and engaging with potential clients in relevant forums, but unfortunately, the desired results have not been achieved.

If any of you have encountered a similar situation or have successfully overcome such challenges on Fiverr, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. What strategies or techniques did you employ to increase your impressions and secure orders? Are there any particular steps or actions that you found to be effective in attracting more attention from potential clients?

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Most likely someone left you a bad private reviews. Buyers can also leave reviews privately and those can vary a LOT from what they said publicly. These hurt your buyer satisfaction rate that's covered anywhere from 90 to 180 days. So what you can do.. maintain the best possible service, offer assistance, support, anything that you can. Other than that, there's nothing you can do. The truth is, if a buyer rates you poorly in private reviews, that has a MAJOR impact on your profile. And unfortunately for us as sellers, there's nothing we can do other than provide the best possible service to every client.

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