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How can I get the 1st order from Fiverr?


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You don't get orders from Fiverr, you get orders from buyers who use Fiverr to find freelancers who can do what they need.

Now, you claim to be a lead generation specialist and that your service will increase sales of your buyers' businesses. Why don't you apply your expertise to generate leads for your business on Fiverr, and increase your own sales? 

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55 minutes ago, jam_seo said:

Active on Fiverr at least 7hr/day.

Well your suggested tip is really effective for you too. Right? If yes then why you have zero reviews/orders still? 

That is a proof that staying online is useless and it does not help you with anything else. 

Kindly work on your gigs first rather than focusing on guiding others as you are not eligible for it (to guide others). 😬


5 hours ago, maghla926700 said:

I've been seeing my gig impressions drop for a few days and no clicks coming.
How can I improve my gig impression and click?
Please advise me.

My Gig:  https://www.fiverr.com/maghla926700/do-targeted-b2b-lead-generation-data-entry-copy-paste

May I know 1 thing: You have created 2 gigs with the same title: "I will do targeted b2b linkedin lead generation"

Any reason or difference between them? 

And why have you used the same images in few of your gigs? I will encourage you to work on your gig gallery first and make the images according to your services.

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