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Ich würde gerne 2 Angebote erstellen ( Übersetzungen und Texte schreiben).  Kann ich unter dem selben Account 2 unterschiedliche Angebote erstellen oder sollte man dafür einen weiteren Account hier bei Fiverr erstellen? Ist es überhaupt erlaubt mehrere Accounts zu erstellen?

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  1. As long as the gigs are not identical, you should theoretically be able to create multiple gigs under the same category (like "Writing & Translation").
    So, for example, you should be able to have one gig for "Scriptwriting" and another for creating "Product Descriptions" under the "Writing & Translation" category.
    However, if you were to post two gigs for "Scriptwriting" and didn't do anything to differentiate between your offerings, that might run afoul of current policy.
  2. Having multiple accounts for the same individual is generally frowned upon.
    However, if there is someone else living in your household who wants to open an account, they should theoretically be able to open one.
    However, I've read that they're apparently not allowed to post gigs in the same category as you... 😅😅😅

It has the potential to get a bit convoluted with all the "rules" and exceptions and what not, but the main takeaway is this.......

Probably just make sure your gigs don't offer identical services 🙂 

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