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Gig impression reduced drastically. Sales not increasing..


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I am a Level 2 seller. Have been getting orders regularly however the growth is very slow. Recently gig impressions went down drastically and promotions have been paused for further notice(Fiverr does it every month on my account). Most of my clients are repeat buyers(that might be because of the good service I am providing). I have an overall 5-star rating. Can you help me understand what is wrong with my account? Why the sales are not increasing? What extra do I need to do so that I can boost my sales. Thanks

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6 hours ago, anisur1786his said:

i am new seller. how to get buyer

It's simple. Think of your gig as a shop. How do you attract buyers?

(1) First by making it attractive from the outside so that people passing by notice it. So work on your gig thumbnail and gig title. Once they do find it attractive they will enter your shop(Click on the gig link).

(2) Now you should have all your product in place with proper descriptions. Again it should be attractive and professional. So work on gig video, description, competitive price etc

(3) Have salesmen who will answer all their questions promptly and give them all the details they looking for. Maintain a Response time of less than an hour(Reply as fast as possible). Answer all their questions promptly and with respect as a professional. Understanding their need and presenting your product as a solution. Dont push.

(4) Offer the best service which will exceed their expectations. Will help in word-of-mouth publicity. In Fiverr if the clients are satisfied we get Great ratings/reviews/ Tips/ personal reviews. This will help the Fiverr algorithm to understand you doing a good job and thus will send more traffic to your gig.        

(5) You can even advertise your shop in newspapers/magazines/ tv etc. Promote your gig on social media. 


Hope this help. Thanks

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