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A suggestion for a better view of the Seller Analytics Dashboard

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Hi, a suggestion for a detail that could be improved; one of the most useful indicators for sellers, is to see how our sales evolution is going, which can be easily seen in the Analytics panel (seller_analytics_dashboard), personally I find that the monthly comparison (Yearly) is the most useful, however every time I choose this option, by default it shows the data of my first year as a seller, instead of showing the most recent year, which is obviously more useful; it is somewhat laborious to have to be changing this setting every time I want to see it; in addition, it would also be more practical to keep "by default" the most recent view of this panel, but no, every time you access, it shows again the "default" view (last 30 days) assigned by Fiverr, which is not the most practical thing I think, it is just a suggestion, thanks.

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