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Having a Language Barrier with Seller and other issues


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Had a seller reply to my gig request from a non English speaking country for a book cover. They had English listed as a language they speak and their gig was written in English with no issues so I thought it would be fine. They also had a FANTASTIC book cover example in a really cool and unique style which was similar to what I was looking for and they claimed they had lots of experience in the field–which judging by their example they should have had.

I provided an exact example of what I wanted to recreate as well as the main graphic I wanted used. But his first file he sent was something so amateur that my seven year old could have have done better with paint. I attempted to have them mutually cancel the gig because judging by what he had sent me he had NO IDEA how to design a book cover. There is NO WAY they were the one who designed the example so I am guessing it was “borrowed” from somewhere else.

He declined the request and complained it was just the first try! And blamed me for it because I sent him a JPEG instead of a PNG.

His next request wasn’t much better. The picture is of a guy with the top of his head supposed to be cut off at the top of the cover. Well he just plopped the guy down in the middle of the page headless. I also said I want the font color like the example (which is mostly black with the authors name in purple) “But instead of purple,” I told him, “red.” Well he just took black font and put weird red blobs all over it. Think Windows 98 wordart.

When I told him he was still way, WAY off base he told me it was my fault for not describing things correctly (but I am thinking he’s just using an translating program like google) and he gave it to me. I don’t know what to do, I provided him something he just had to recreate except for a couple of words and one solid color. I have never had a fiverr gig go wrong. I have only ever canceled one gig and that was because the guy was on vacation.

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Generally, differences in personal taste is an inappropriate reason for cancellation or negative feedback, as taste and personal aesthetic is subjective. However, this may be more than a taste issue if their delivered product does not at all match their gig description of what they claim they will provide or examples/sample deliveries provided in their portfolio on their gig page.

I don’t know what their gig description says, but if the portfolio sample provided was of excellent quality and demonstrated a high level of skill, while their delivery was more on the scale of a children’s drawing, it seems reasonable to say that they have falsely advertised their gig with a level of skill that they apparently were not going to deliver. As a buyer, I would expect to see the same level of quality and skill in my delivery as my seller showed me before ordering. For example, if I had a gig for cartoon drawings with a portfolio full of excellent artwork and skill then delivered stick figures, I doubt my buyer would agree that they received what they paid for in terms of what I was advertising via my portfolio.

In that case, if the seller refuses to cancel, you may contact Customer Support and address the issue with them. They may cancel the order through their system on your behalf.

Otherwise, like @kjblynx said, you can simply accept their delivery and leave negative feedback. You’d be out the money you paid for the gig, though, so that may not be a desirable option of you’ve tied up a large payment with this order.

Either way, best of luck with this issue!

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