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Let sellers review every completed order.

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I would leave a review for every buyer, were I given the opportunity. I can not understand why a seller can only review working with a buyer if the buyer leaves a review first.

This system gives a lot more power to the buyer than the seller, and can be abused without anyone ever knowing it. For example, if a buyer feels that they might get a negative review from a seller, they can just withhold their own review and then they have nothing to worry about. This seems quite unfair.

I understand why a seller can’t see the review that’s been left by a buyer until they’ve left a review themselves. I imagine this stops people abusing the review system by leaving a negative review in retaliation for getting a negative review.

I just don’t understand why this is a one-sided process.

Please allow sellers to leave a review, whether the buyer has or not. I’d recommend having the same system where the buyer can’t see a review left by a seller, until they have left one themselves.

Unlocking this feature would also increase the likelihood of buyers leaving reviews in general, for two reasons.

1. They will have an incentive to leave a review as it will allow them to see the review left by the seller.
2. When they receive the notification that they’ve been left a review by a seller, it will serve as a prompt/reminder to leave a review themselves.

Surely more feedback to help sellers and buyer grow will only help everyone, and the fiverr platform as a whole.

Thank you

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