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Struggling to Recover: My Frustrating Experience with Fiverr's Account De-Ranking


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After completing Level 1 on Fiverr, my account was unexpectedly de-ranked and completely removed from the search results. Despite my efforts to rectify the situation, I have been unable to search for gigs on my account for almost three months. Surprisingly, all my gigs are still active according to the status check.

Each time I reach out to the Fiverr team via email, I receive a generic response stating that my performance was subpar, and they de-rank and rank accounts based on this algorithm. It seems as though they simply copy and paste the same message, leaving me without a proper explanation.

On the other hand, my performance was actually quite commendable prior to the de-ranking incident. I had only canceled a single order due to a budget issue, and the buyer himself did not wish to proceed with the work. Fiverr's team assured me that this cancellation would not impact my performance. However, despite the passage of nearly three months, my account remains de-ranked.

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