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What about writing industry on Fiverr after the invention of AI and ChatGPT?


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Of course, just like there is demand for graphicians despite Midjourney and other AI graphics tools.

ChatGPT might be new but AI has been around for a while especially in the writing space. I for one hate it because a lot of buyers were burnt due to sellers either using AI to write articles (bad articles) or just to spin existing content. 

Times change, but high quality content will always be in demand. So if you are a good writer, you should be fine. As a writer myself, I've seen a slowdown but that can also be from Fiverr's new rules, private feedback, etc. So the downside and lack of orders might come from a number of things. However, I see a lot of writers with orders in queue, there is and will always be demand for content. ChatGPT content is inaccurate a lot of the time, and while it can be ok to fill an affiliate marketing blog with "stuff", it will make it harder to grab the attention of passionate, avid readers. 

Are those low quality sellers affected? Absolutely!

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Lol! The free version of Chat GPT is very bad at reserarch - did you see those two lawyers wwho got into serious trouble with a judge after the AI wrote their motions for them?  They didn't check the precedents quoted by GPT.  They were all invented ...

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This is my dashboard at the moment, as a content writer: 


If anything, I've had more than enough to do. The voice-over side of my business has slowed down lately, but I don't think it's because of AI (at least only a small part of it) since I'm Norwegian, and the AI voices available in Norwegian suck even worse than the English ones. 

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50 minutes ago, mohsin222507 said:

Only a few sellers are in great demand but most of the writers are idling away and hopefully getting tensed. Whatever we may say about the writers, those tools impacted the writers and many buyers have entered them.

It depends man. I never used AI tools and always write manually. 

If someone delivers great work, they usually have very good reviews and Fiverr ranks them high. Bad reviews are obviously going to push a profile down. There are still plenty of buyers however there was a huge influx of sellers in the past few years. There won't be enough work for everyone, that's a given. And honestly, there are also a TON of low quality writers here, some of them use AI to write and just sell for a profit because they don't do any work. Needless to say, there are also buyers that shifted to AI tools because many Fiverr sellers were offering AI-written content at a more expensive price than what they could generate themselves. 

However, if you are a great writer, you'll always have a solid demand for your services. Even in this ever-shifting world, great writers are always in high demand. Did AI damage our business? Absolutely, but then again we need to adapt. I already saw that Fiverr has removed a lot of gigs from the writing section. 



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A few are great. Albeit some buyers have unique creativity and did manual work in the past, I hope two-thirds of the writers slowed down. And even I don't know how to use AI or ChatGPT. That's why I am lagging. On the other hand, Grammarly/ProwritingAid has also substituted the editors. Sellers having little or poor knowledge about particular languages are popular editors. Just telling about me, a US client who was also a writer could not believe that I am a writer of English grammar and I could edit their book documents. First, they took an interview of 100 words, which I edited flawlessly, again they took another interview through live video and I could satisfy them 100%. Finally, I was offered a document of 10k words. I edited it in a day in the morning, they requested me to send another custom offer for 11k words. I edited it flawlessly. The buyer TIPPED me  100$ and called me a native English speaker in my reviews though I am a Bangladeshi. I am a level 1 seller, and for about 6 months I am not getting work. All these were done before the invention of Grammarly/ProwritingAid.

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