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Is it acceptable to set up a gig so that the package price is the _base_ price, and the actual price is determined by the selected services (extras)?



I work in software. In my case, I would like to offer closely related services of:

  1. debugging
  2. refactoring
  3. and/or documenting software.

The problem:

Each service has to have a different price, as each service has different requirements. I wouldn't want to be charging a customer, say, the same amount for debugging as I would be for documenting, that would be just excessive.

In addition to this, I would like that my customer be able to order a combination of these services. Perhaps they need a complete overhaul of their software, which is something I would like to accommodate for, without requiring multiple orders.

The proposed solution:

The solution I came up for this is to make the package price the *base* price, which is the starting price for the service, going up through the combination of services a customer would select. Each service is instead made into an extra, where the customer must pick from 1 or more extras to get the final price. I would include a highlighted disclaimer about the package price representing the base price, the final price being based on the service(s) selected.

The concerns:

Using the proposed solution, there could be a case where a customer accidentally opened an order without having selected a service. Would I then simply be able to close the order and ask the customer to re-file it? This also leads me to ask whether this way of going about offering a service with multiple options is commonplace, or if I should find another way of going about this.

I'd greatly appreciate any insight into this, or any suggestions.

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The only way to do this is through the three packages and gig extras. You can't make gig extras mandatory, however. You can create custom gig extras added to the order after it is placed, but you would have to make it really, really! clear that those would happen with every order. An option is to put something in the required order information like "Each order will have custom services and charges added unique to your needs. If you understand and agree to this, type 'I understand and agree' (or some such). It's a way to 'try' to enforce their understanding of the billing process.

I'm not sure if this would work with what you do, but you could also set up a consulting type package where the project is discussed -- IF you can give them sufficient value outside of just figuring out what they need and what they will pay.

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