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3D Printing on demand job, customer being unreasonable

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Guest cappinator

I'm new to Fiverr as a seller. I had my first customer a few weeks ago and he was super satisfied.

My second customer is causing me issues. It started when he started haggling over the price and wanted a way lower price than was in my offer. I should have known then and there that this was going to be a dificult customer. In the end, I want to have customers to get some kind of credibility, so I agreed on a price of 150€, while the filament alone was costing me 112€. I ordered more filament and completed the order: 15 times the same print in PLA Matte Black.  I used 2 of the Bambu PLA Matte black spools that I had to start the job, and ordered more to do the rest. I finished the order and shipped it over.  I had two misprints (not sure what was wrong but I think the heatwave had something to do with it). When he receives the package, he contacts me to say that 7 of the prints look different from the other 8.  I explained that it's the same filament type and brand, all Bambu Labs PLA Matte Black, printed using the same machine and settings, but he keeps insisting 7 are matte and 8 are shiny. Now he's unresponsive while I'm waiting for the delivery review to be concluded.

How do I handle this matter? Do I contact Fiverr customer support prematurely?


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