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Reverse search? How to exclude words from a search for seller?



Not sure if I'm missing something, but I'm trying to search for sellers and it would be great if I could exclude those who use certain words or phrases.  For example, in the audio field, a lot of people offer to improve "PODCASTS" .. but that's not my interest, so I would like to say, "audio experts EXCEPT those who work on PODCASTS".   Could be my ignorance, but I have not found a way to do searches with an exclusion, I think it is usually called 'reverse search'? 

Please correct me if wrong!   I want to say "great audio editor except not podcast". 

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You could try searching on google (maybe it might work in some other normal search engines).

eg. on gooogle try:

site:fiverr.com "audio editor" -podcasts

and it should show fiverr gigs containing that but excluding podcasts.

Though Ideally Fiverr would allow buyers to search in that way in the normal Fiverr search bar.

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My gut says the most approximate way is to use the Category filter.
Ex, search "great audio editors" and then on the results screen select the Category dropdown and select whichever "industry" is most likely to have the kind of editor you want, like possibly the "Mixing & Mastering" category.

Since Podcast Production is its own category, they should be eliminated from the remaining results.

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