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Getting Sales to ALL My Gigs


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Hello Fiverr Community,

I am pleased with the amount of sales on Fiverr I am getting, but they are only to a couple of my gigs. Does anyone have any tips to get sales on ALL of my gigs?

Crowdfunding Pitch: 1.7K impressions, 134 clicks, 11 orders (all in the past 30 days)

Blog Review: 1.4K impressions, 32 clicks, 2 orders (all in the past 30 days)

Wix Site: 1.3K impressions, 89 clicks, 4 orders (all in the past 30 days)

App Review: 174 impressions, 5 clicks, 0 orders

SEO Report: 181 impressions, 6 clicks, 0 orders

Video Intro: 267 impressions, 8 clicks, 0 orders

Website Test: 163 impressions, 7 clicks, 0 orders

How can I turn those 0’s into sales?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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