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Add a project/task Heading to an Order for clarity on lists/history

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If the Order process for a Buyer included their own "Heading" to label this task/project - it would make subsequent lists and the history of work a lot more easy to follow.  I'm only 3 orders in as a new Buyer, and I can already see it's going to be annoying if I ever chase up a previous item - especially with the same Buyer, as it seems their "default" heading for their work offer is the title used for the work?... which essentially can just repeat each time.

The Heading would just be another field on the Order form process and if filled in (as it could be optional), then it would override the Seller's title and be used for lists and displays.

See sample idea image attached, which shows the current pop-up window when viewing Orders off menu (on left side) and a suggested version with logical headings on right.

Fiverr Nav - Orders Idea.jpg

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