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Fiverr so so slow today?


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Hi had this problem and still do. I’m a customer who wants to order gigs but the payment button on fiverr is not working. Tried for two days now. Tried the noscript addon it doesn’t help with payment button through. Hope they fix as I’m not sure how many customers you guys as sellers are losing do to this.

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I have seen a decline in my otherwise high conversion rate and since most people cannot access Fiverr, it is not surprising that many people’s sales are dropping.

If you cannot access a website you will just try another one, in other words; many buyers are trying competitors because they cannot access Fiverr which means Fiverr should seriously fix this urgent server issue.

Here’s something that has worked for me using Firefox v.31.0:

  1. Download NoScript for Firefox/Chrome/IE8 (seriously, don’t even use IE in the first place)

  2. Install it and allow it to be installed on FireFox/Chrome by clicking “Allow” and “Install”

  3. Go to Fiverr.com and you should see a box popup at the bottom of your web browser saying “Options…”, click on it

  4. Move you cursor up to “Untrusted” and it will open new rows where you can choose what scripts to block

  5. Click on “mark xxxxxxxxx.cloudfront.net as untrusted”

  6. You will have to mark Fiverr.com as trusted by clicking on “Options…” and then "Allow fiverr.com"

    This should solve the lagging issue. Hopefully, more buyers will find out about this too and best of all (and hopefully), Fiverr will solve this unfortunate server issue.

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Summer Day, fellow Fiverrs! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.

    EDIT: 7) When you click the “Order now”-button you will have to block yet another xxxxxxxxxx.cloudfront.net script from the “black S with a red block sign” that you will find at your top right inside your browser.

  7. Go to “Untrusted” and you should find the “Mark xxxxxxxxx.cloudfront.com as untrusted” row. Click on it and now you should be able to purchase although it will take a couple of seconds to process, but it will work. I just purchased a gig by mistake.
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