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Can I get a warm Fiverr worthy welcome?


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Hey everyone - can you give me a warm welcome and show me what fiverr is all about?! Is this a friendly community? A fun one? Are you making some of that sweet monnney? I am so looking forward to getting to know you all you fiverrs!

A little about me: I make love, and I love making. I make music, writing, voicing, crafts, ideas, businesses, and anything beautiful. To me, it isn’t always about adding more, it’s about the beauty of simplicity. It’s about the friends you meet, how you live, and how you love. So much love to all you wonderful, creative and super selling people out there on fiverr!

I just posted my first gig which is proofreading and editing to make any writing shine! What does that mean? I can do basic proofreading for spelling, grammar, etc as usual, but my REAL talent lies in helping people make the most of their message, so their content is creative and engaging, and straight to the point. I have many other talents to gig out, so keep a look out for me!

I will be sure to refer all my friends to fiverr as they need it, and when I can’t fulfill a service, I will be happy to build relationships with other fiverrs so they can have a shot at my network’s business! WoohoO! Let’s get the word out and keep the world spinning round and round!

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now!

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