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Tip: Why and how not to "Add a sample to Gig's gallery"

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(Tip: Why and how not to "Add a sample to Gig's gallery")


Adding a sample to a Gig's Gallery 🖼️ can be a great way to show buyers your best work, but there are reasons why you might want to avoid doing so.

And Fiverr is set up in a way where it appears to be difficult to opt out of having to choose at least one asset for the sample (leaving discretion almost solely up to the buyer).

Why wouldn't you want to (sometimes)?

Let's say you do a custom offer for a buyer that requires a higher quote or a lot more work than usual. If that sample is added to the Gig's gallery, it can give the false impression that this kind of project is representative of one of your standard services, and that might lead to friction down the road. 🚧

Or, let's say you have a project where any one asset is not representative of the full project. Sure, you could try to take a screenshot of the final product or some such and use that, but sometimes — depending on the complexity of a project or the nature of the service — this miiiiiiight not be ideal.

How to opt out.

Just compress your project in a .ZIP file 📁 and deliver that to your buyer.

The "Add a sample to Gig gallery" feature does not currently extract the contents of .zip files and (wisely) doesn't even try to recommend .zip files for samples.

And zipping and unzipping files has been simple as pie since the days before Rick Astley was a meme, so you shouldn't have any trouble with even your least tech-savvy buyers (well, most of them, but you could just bite the bullet and redeliver the extracted contents to the outliers).

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You could also add a text box to the image saying "Costum Order" if you really want it

Wondering what the client agrees on when given permission to use in the gallery. Does anyone know the exact wording?

I want to know to what extent does the permission go.

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