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Results Are In 🏆️ Logo Variation Competition

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Last month, The Logo Maker Team challenged our community to show us their best creative variations, and, let’s just say, the results were so good we couldn’t believe our eyes. Our sellers took this opportunity to challenge their editor abilities and bring out the coolest examples.

Here's a list of the different types of variations we were hoping to see:

  • Different palette sizes

    • Recommended: 1-5 colors

  • Different color combinations and opacity

    • Recommended: Filled-in symbols, inverted coloring, negative space

  • Different typography styles and letter spacing

  • Different background options

  • Outlined and framed options

  • Complementary colors

  • Black and white options

  • Other -- We’re always looking for new, out-of-the-box solutions. Be sure to share yours in the comments.


Want to see the 3 winners we chose? Take a look at their work below!


Third Place: iiidddooo This seller also played with the visibility and weight of outlines in his logo, shifting from no outlines, to faint, to heavy. For greater variation, Iiidddooo also inverted color choices and played with the transparency of different layers, resulting in 3 distinct layouts.



Second Place: Zakdesignz - For his submission, designer Zakdesignz, experimented with the visibility of his logo’s outline, providing a range of versions from outlines-only to zero outlines (using solid colors instead), and adding and removing a circle to the background.

To add more interest, he adjusted the size of the symbol and experimented with luminosity changes and the number of colors in his palette, ultimately providing 5 unique layouts.



And last but certainly not least…

First Place: Logo_business



In first place is designer, Logo_Business, who truly ran the gambit when it came to variation, ultimately submitting 5 distinct layouts for the competition:

  • In his variations, Logo_Business played with different backgrounds, experimenting with placing a circle and a  square behind the icon.

  • He also tested out at least 25 unique fonts until he found the right feel, adding and removing a box around the text throughout his trials. 

  • He played with the values of his outlines, fluctuating between designs that were outlines-only, to ones without outlines altogether. 

  • He inverted the black-and-white values of his logo, played with transparency, removed and added elements, experimented with negative space, swapped out background colors, changed his palette size, and more

Please note: the contest is now closed.


And there you have it. What did you think of these designs and variations? Did any inspire you to experiment with your own logos? 


Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Thank you for selecting me as the second-place winner for the Fiverr logo maker contest. I am truly grateful for this recognition and the opportunity to showcase my skills. I eagerly look forward to participating in the next round of the logo maker's contest.

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21 hours ago, logo_business said:

Many thanks to you @Logo Maker Team 💚
Beyond the winners and prizes, I'm sure that these contests are helpful for the entire Logo Maker community of logo designers (and on Fiverr in general) because in the end they provide advice and good practices to keep in mind.
See you at the next challenge 😎

Congratulations, my friend, on securing the first place! 

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  • Logo Maker Team changed the title to Results Are In 🏆️ Logo Variation Competition

Dear Logo Maker Team,

Thank you for sharing the exciting results of the creative variations challenge. It's incredible to witness the talent and innovation within our community. The participants have truly showcased their exceptional editing skills and delivered some of the coolest examples.

The list of different variations that were explored is impressive. Sellers went above and beyond to bring diversity and uniqueness to their designs. It's evident that they experimented with various elements to create outstanding logo variations. The range includes different palette sizes, color combinations, opacity adjustments, typography styles, letter spacing variations, background options, outlined and framed designs, complementary colors, black and white options, and even out-of-the-box solutions.

As we all know, creativity knows no boundaries, and it's inspiring to see how our sellers push the limits to deliver exceptional results. It must have been quite challenging to select only three winners from such an array of remarkable submissions. We are eagerly looking forward to viewing the winning designs and celebrating the talent and creativity of the deserving individuals.

Once again, thank you for organizing this challenge and providing an opportunity for our community to showcase their skills. It's these initiatives that foster growth, encourage innovation, and elevate the overall quality of our work.

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